About Sage Design Studios
Las Vegas Landscape Architects

Sage Design Studios, Inc., is built upon a solid working foundation cultivated over two decades of collaboration with some of the finest architects, designers, contractors and clients throughout the United States. The field experience we’ve accrued installing large casino, commercial and residential jobs enables us to instill confidence in our clients that we can take a project from initial concept to finished product with precision. Sage Design Studios, Inc. works closely with our clients throughout the design and construction phases to ensure the project comes into fruition with the original vision intact.

Striving to stay atop the talented Landscape Architecture and Design field, Sage Design Studios continues to seek out new technology, tried and true design principles and maintenance standards to enrich each project. Our multi-state expertise enables us to honor the given parameters of a region and site. Clientele and visitors to our projects find that we use responsible, appropriate materials and responsive plant palettes that will thrive, not just survive in each microclimate.

Our creative process evolves uniquely for each project. It is born out of the client’s program, desires and budget along with the site’s unique qualities, opportunities and restrictions. Landscape Architecture must stand the test of time, so future considerations such as user flexibility, plant growth habits/maintenance and material durability and permeability weigh heavily into the overall structure of every Sage Design Studios, Inc. design.

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Jonathan Spears, Sage Design Studios, Award Winning Landscape Architect

Jonathan Spears