• Consistency in building materials eases the transition between interior and exterior spaces--maximizing the living area well beyond the home’s footprint. The seamless integration of an appropriate plant palette and the latest breakthroughs in irrigation products and practices minimizes maintenance and water usage while capturing the unique opportunities of the site and reflecting the residents’ lifestyle.
  • From courtyards to grand estates, naturalistic or formal/minimalistic creations, Sage Design Studios, Inc. has an individualized approach as unique as each client. Our goal is to achieve a landscape that reflects the personality and character of each household.
  • Honoring the requests and direction of each individual client coupled with candid professional input results in a personalized landscape design.

Residential Design Portfolio

Arrowhead @ The Ridges Summerlin:

28 Painted Feather
Executive Homes Spec House Lot 17
3 & 7 Painted Feather
41 Painted Feather

Promontory @ The Ridges Summerlin:

22 Promontory Ridge Drive
8 Morning Sky Lane
29 Promontory Ridge Drive

Promontory Ridge @ The Ridges Summerlin:

64 Promontory Ridge Drive
7 Falcon View Court
15 Echo Peak Lane

Red Hawk @ The Ridges Summerlin:

52 Soaring Bird Court
27 Skybird Court
3 Skybird Court
53 Soaring Bird Court
59 Soaring Bird Court
23 Hawk Ridge
12 Soaring Bird Court
25 Soaring Bird Court

Falcon Ridge @ The Ridges Summerlin:

27 Meadowhawk Lane
26 Meadowhawk Lane
68 Wildwing Court
87 Meadowhawk Lane
56 Wildwing Court

Rim Rock @ The Ridges Summerlin:

31 Quiet Moon Lane
19 Quiet Moon Court

Topaz Ridge @ The Ridges Summerlin:

48 Panorama Crest
35 Tapadero Lane

Boulder Ridge @ The Ridges Summerlin:

80 Midnight Ridge Drive

Promontory @ The Ridges:

10 Promontory Ridge Drive
5 Wild Ridge Court

Azure @ The Ridges:

19 Flying Cloud
18 Drifting Shadow
21 Drifting Shadow
25 Drifting Shadow 4 Sun Glow
10 Sun Glow
20 Sun Glow
24 Sun Glow
33 Sun Glow
86 Sun Glow
93 Sun Glow
39 Morning Glow
40 Morning Glow

Blue Heron Architecture: The Ridges Properties:

36 Wild Wing Court, Falcon Ridge
48 Wild Wing Court, Falcon Ridge
64 Wild Wing Court, Falcon Ridge
19 Hawk Ridge, Red Hawk
81 Hawk Ridge, Red Hawk
4 Meadowhawk Lane, Falcon Ridge
92 Sun Glow, Azure
18 Drifting Shadow, Azure

Blue Heron Architecture:

Marquis II Streetscape, Henderson
Sky Terrace Streetscape, Henderson

Raphaelson Residence, Spanish Trails, Las Vegas
Wells Residence, Presidio, Henderson
Shumway Residence, Presidio, Henderson
Sparer Residence, Eagle Hills, Summerlin
Eiman Residence, Anthem Country Club, Henderson
Ries Residence, Anthem Country Club, Henderson
Slattery Residence, Anthem Country Club, Henderson
Adams Residence, Anthem Country Club, Henderson
Barnett Residence, Anthem Country Club, Henderson
Thompson Residence, Anthem Country Club, Henderson
Hienrich Residence, Anthem Country Club, Henderson
Van Dyke Residence, Anthem Country Club, Henderson
Jaramillo Residence, Canyon Fairways, Summerlin
Masters Residence, Seven Hills, Henderson
Kefalas Residence, Seven Hills, Henderson
Conviser Residence, Coventry @ Anthem, Henderson
Hagedorn Residence, Coventry @ Anthem, Henderson
Cumber Residence, Legacy Golf Course, Henderson
Crick Residence, Canyon Gate, Las Vegas
Steve Wynn Residence Lap Pool, Shadow Creek, North Las Vegas
Norton Residence, Parawon, Utah
Aurora View Estates: 1616, 1617, 1624 & 1632 Marbella, Las Vegas
White Residence, Blue Diamond, Nevada